About Us

I started my Paparazzi business July 2019. I had never heard of Paparazzi and saw a former dance studio showing the jewelry on her LIVE.  I watched then I finally ordered some jewelry I was blown away by the quality and price point. My former student went LIVE at the annual convention and I signed up immediately.

I am a 2X LIFE OF THE PARTY GOLD achiever and have a gift for securing some of the exquisite jewelry produced by Paparazzi.  

This business has definitely been a “BLESSING”. I’ve met awesome customers that have become friends and family. I’ve been able to speak positive, and encouraging words to other women. I absolutely love the Starlet Shimmer line for our little DIVAS.
I really want to mentor our teens into entrepreneurship. Affording them a means to survive while away at college.

Paparazzi will afford me a fun method of socializing, mentoring and create additional income during my retirement years.

Paparazzi is a means to breaking generational curses and declaring financial freedom and wealth for generations to come.

It's an easy business- SHOW the jewelry, SELL the jewelry, SHARE the opportunity

If you would like to hear more about the business or are interested in my EMPIRE UNLIMITED ELITES team, please contact me